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Device Support

Computers, Phones, and TVs giving you problems? Call us

Smart Home Support

Need Help installing or recommendations for what kind of smart home products you can have. Call us

Problem Diagnostic

If your not sure where to start; Call us and we will diagnose you issue and give you a free quote.

We are your technology handyman and our goal is to give you confidence with the technology you use or want to start using. The mobile visit is free if we don't solve your issue.

Cell Phones

  • Software and App troubleshooting/coaching

    • Samsung

    • Apple

    • Huawei

    • Xiaomi

    • Oppo

    • LG

    • Motorola

  • We do not repair physically broken devices

One-on-one coaching

  • Connect you with your loved ones

  • How to use your phone, computer, TV, or tablet

  • Facetime, Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, Microsoft Teams

  • set up bills to be paid online

  • Order groceries, prescriptions, and food online

Home Office

  • Recommend products for office

  • Setup/plugin everything

  • Teach software required to work from home

TV & Home Theater

  • TV mounting

  • TV setup

  • Audio Services

  • Sound bar setup

  • Remote programing

  • cord cutting services

Smart Home Systems

  • Smart Lighting Solutions

  • Smart Entertainment Devices for the Home

  • Smart Home Appliances

  • Smart Home Utilities

  • Smart Blinds Solutions

  • Smart Home Surveillance Cameras

  • Smart Door Locks

  • Smart Garage Door Openers and Gadgets

  • Smart Home Sensors

  • Smart Voice Recognition and Voice Activated Products

  • Smart Home Window Solutions

  • Eco-Friendly Smart Home Products

  • Smart Remote Controls

  • Smart Home Apps

Car Electronics

  • programing/coaching smart car systems (Steering & Dash controls)

  • Garage door programming

Cash Conovan

5 years as a Tier 3 Sustaining Support Engineer for Google Nest Products/Home Automation. Geek Squad